Sometimes you’re in a hurry and your hair is flat…

We all know this. You have an important business appointment or a date and your hairstyle is just not right. The curls are wrapped around your head; your fringe doesn’t hang properly. No reason to panic. Because, even in this situation, you have clear advantages by being one of my customers. As flexible as you need me to be, I will hurry to your place and blow-dry and style your hair. My mobile hair-dryer bar is also flexible and is quickly at your side to conjure up the appropriate style for your event in no time at all.

For events

Do you already have a super cut or wonderful long hair, but your styling skills often fail you before an important event? The usual time pressure before an important event has the typical effect. I bring calmness into your preparations and conjure a fantastic style for your event quickly and conveniently.

For wedding guests

Simply add your personal “dry bar”, a blow-drying and styling bar for the most important day of your life. Your female wedding guests, especially the bridesmaids, will love you for it. Specifically on such important and wonderful days, a professional stylist on-site is very calming for the ladies present… tell me your desires!

In the hotel

Are you visiting in Hamburg, doing a city trip, or you have an important business appointment but your favourite hairstylist is not here? Then, trust me. I will come to your hotel and style your hair according to your wishes for the day, whether a cute “all day” style or a serious business hairstyle… you’re in good hands with me.

In the hospital

Sometimes things don’t work out and you are in hospital. Especially then, it’s good to be pampered. I will gladly come to you in hospital or also in a nursing home and conjure up a fantastic hairstyle for you. Don’t be shy, and please call me.